Counterfeit Xlash

When you are a best in class beauty product, people will try to replicate the magic.

Don’t be fooled!

At Xlash, we take pride in our quality physician-formulated formula. To ensure that you are getting the results you expect from Xlash, we’ve developed a solution to ensure you are receiving authentic product.

Our new foiled stamp allows anyone purchasing the product to confidently authenticate the piece on the spot. Some of these counterfeits might content just water solutions or ingredients that are not safe or tested.

Please be aware:

Please make sure that you always buy from an authorized resellers.

If the price is to low, please think twice before purchasing Xlash. Our minimum suggested price is 49USD for Xlash 3 ml.

WARNING: Domain “” and “” is not an official Xlash-distributor. These products are counterfeits and Xlash is not responsible of the content.