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Tik Tok Challenge with Xlash

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01. Background:

XLASH is now entering the world of Tiktok and Reels by going live with the campaign #longlivelashes set out to celebrate your own self-expression.

The challenge features a curated choreography by dancer Emilio Araya matched with an exclusive track made by Swedish music duo Rebecca & Fiona.

When the campaign is live, consumers and fellow Tiktokers can join the challenge, get creative and compete for XLASH prizes.

02. Competition

(No purchases necessary to enter or win)

Competition begins on 22nd October 2020 at 5 pm and ends on November 30th 2020 at 5 pm. Open to European residents 18+ years old (with legal guardian permission where applicable).

How to compete:

Each entry must include the hashtag #longlivelashes and #contest while using the soundtrack Don’t Look Back [XLASH] by Rebecca & Fiona.

Limit 1 entry per day per person. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entities received. See Official Rules: Terms and conditions Tik Tok Challenge Xlash 

Prizes per winner:

  • Cash prize of 5.000 SEK excluding VATs
  • Gift card worth 1.000 SEK including VATs, redeemable on

03. Brief

Get inspired by Emilio Araya’s choreography or create your own moves to the beat based on key elements from the dance. Most important is to stay true to your own self-expression and bring your best lash game.

Flip your head, Hands on your face, Look left, Look right, Bounce the camera, Wink, Touch your eyebrows, face and lips, Finish off with your own sassy solo

04. Contact

For any questions regarding the creative scope, song och choreography please email or call:

Xlash Cosmetics
[email protected]